Monday, March 19, 2012

Relief Society Birthday Service Project

Well, I thought that the Relief Society Birthday Party was a true success.  We made 150 little baby props for the LSU Monroe hospital newborn babies, had a lot of good food, the cake was beautiful and delicious, and as always, I enjoyed getting to chat with everyone.  I am posting just a few of the pictures.  I am sure that if anyone would want to give of their time and talents, that Sister Baggett would let them help her make a few more.  Thanks for your support!

A BIG "Thank you" to the Stake Relief Society Presidency for all of your time and thought that you put into making this such a success!! 


  1. Monica, thanks for your efforts!. Tried to call the presidency. I was informed Angela Orange totalled her car coming home from church Sunday. She did bot answer when I called, but I was informed other than cuts and bruises she is okay. I also enjoyed Saturday's activity with my my attending. Thanks for the pix!

  2. Ruby, sent me a text yesterday about Angela. We did not know anything about her accident. Brandy called and checked on her and told her to let us know if we can do anything to help her. Let me know if you know of anything we can do for her. thanks, Monica