Friday, March 16, 2012

Hay Bale Gardening

Brandy had someone share this with her so we wanted to pass it along.  I have looked on the internet and several people swear by it.

Method for growing tomatoes:

All of this is placed on top of the ground in a pretty sunny place. Ours got the morning sun and noon sun and a little shade in the late afternoon.

For each square bale of hay:

Cover with 1/2 sack of cow manure (I got all my stuff at Wal-Mart except the hay)

Water twice a day for 7 days


Cover the manure with 1/2 sack of Lime (pellets or granulated)

Water this twice a day for 7 days


Cover all this with 1/2 sack of 13-13-13 fertilizer

Water this twice a day for 7 days

After this 21 days, plant two tomato plants per bale. Just dig a hole in the mixture and hay to insert a plant.

We used a soaker hose and a timer to make the water come on early in the morning and late in the afternoon and continued
that every day after we planted. Water about 30
minutes twice a day.

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  1. Looks good!. We ordered one of those "Mantis" tillers, so I will be digging my beds up again, maybe my thumb will get greener!