Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Wonderful Primary Sisters!

We are so lucky to have Sister Mock, Sister Coenen and Sister Clawson in our Primary. They are truly amazing primary leaders. Thank you for your patience and for teaching our children! They do so much for our kids and they are super creative in their teaching. We love you  for all that you do!!

Kie found the lucky silver egg this year! Way to go Kie!!!

Here are some pictures from the Easter Egg hunt that our Primary Leaders organized! It was a total success!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sister Meeks' friend got baptized today. Brother James Kenneth Dickmeyer. Sister Meeks gave a wonderful talk about the Holy Ghost. It was a wonderful baptism. Thanks to all that were able to attend!

Book Club~Borrowed Light

We had our first book club for the year of 2011. We read a wondeful book by Carla Kelly "Borrowed Light" Great book!! We had a very good time at Sister Abell's home. We miss all those sister's who werent able to attend. Hope to see you in our next book club.