Sunday, March 4, 2012

Preparedness Week 4

Did anyone find the perfect spot for their garden?  Did you think about what you would like to plant?  I am going to try to do just a little box garden.  I want to try to figure out how everything works, you know just so that I may know just a little bit about gardening so that I can be prepared in case I had to rely on this to help supplement my food storage.  I want to try to plant seed of things that my family could eat or that can be put up in jars, etc...  don't worry if you didn't find the perfect spot last week, you still have time this week.  Now lets be thinking of what we will use for "soil" in our garden.  We will need to till the earth if we are planting our seeds directly in the ground.  I found this site with The Learning Channel that may give us a little insite to help us know how to make sure that we have the proper nutrient rich soil.

If you are not into gardening, for this week your preparedness tip is this:
We need to not only work on our food storage, we also need to work on our non food item storage.  One way to figure out how much we need of an item is to mark the date on it when we open a new box, tube, bottle, etc... For instance the next time that you open up a box of toothpaste just jot down that date on the tube with a black marker.  Keep up with these dates in you notebook. 

And remember, this is just like exerciseing, if we only do it in our head or say we will start next week, it doesn't count.

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  1. Just started in my garden, before the rains came, ah spring!