Monday, April 30, 2012

Preparedness Week Twelve

This week I am continuing to bring you The Ten Steps to Preparedness according to Keleen Bishop at These are her views, not mine.  I just want everyone to get to thinking about things and to to pass along the information.

This past month brought news of a shortage in ADD/ADHD medicine, vaccinations, and even the not-so-lovely news of pharmaceutical drug prices hitting a 10 year high—news that only heavy stockholders would care about. For the rest of us, I hope that this is just nudging us more strongly to quicken our pace in getting off of any non-emergency dependence on the medical society. (Attention naysayers: I said NON-EMERGENCY; which is a nowhere near being the same as eliminating dependency on the medical society all together.)
Here’s the snag, Friends. Our medical personnel bust their rear ends for 12 years on average for education, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses, time away from their families, etc.; but what they walk away with is an expertise in managing disease treatment. Very few have even a few credit hours in matters of prevention or nutrition. Even worse, much of what they have been taught and paid dearly to learn is based on WRONG theories. Case in point, we treat cancer today with only three approved methods: chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation. More and more are being treated with all three methods. Unfortunately, none of these procedures have been proven to “cure” cancer. On the other hand though, as early as the 1924, Dr. Max Gerson, unequivocally revealed that cancer is a fungus and should be treated as such both in preventative and in more aggressive protocols.
For those who are tired of me beating that particular drum, allow me to share yet another example. Last month I had a guest on my Self-Reliance Radio Show. Dr. K. Steven Whiting. Dr. Whiting made it perfectly clear that our approach to heart disease is completely backwards. We treat cholesterol when in fact cholesterol is the final stage of symptomatic events of heart disease—NOT the cause. And yet when a person is diagnosed with heart disease, rather than attacking the real culprit—free radicals caused by toxic fats and other foods readily approved by our benevolent FDA and USDA—we instead prescribe statin drugs.
For those of you who aren’t aware, statin drugs are the ONLY drugs other than anti-psychotic drugs, which require an evaluation every 30 days because they are seriously detrimental to the liver and can cause complete liver failure. But hey, let’s use them to attack one of the SYMPTOMS of heart disease. We’ll make everything all better that way.
My point in sharing all of this is to highlight the necessity of medical preparedness. We simply cannot be independent and free to act if we are completely at the mercy of economy, misinformation, etc. for our health. There’s not much that can conquer the human spirit aside from the risk of losing one’s own quality of life or the life of a loved one. I am constantly hearing from folks who use the health of themselves or their loved ones as an excuse to not be prepared, aka self-reliant; when in actuality they are the ones that should be the most diligent in their self-reliance efforts. They are the ones who can tolerate very little modification in their environment before such alterations may result in death.
Medical Preparedness involves getting the knowledge and the practice you need now so that you can eliminate your vulnerabilities in the future. This not only means focusing on obtaining excellent health and fitness, but also knowledge in helping others to do the same. This Principle of Preparedness also involves learning the most basic of emergency care. While it’s not fun to think about, what about the need to take care of a bullet or stab wound? What about CPR, field dressings, emergency tracheotomy, or the handling of seizures, etc.? I can tell you from experience that there’s nothing worse than watching someone suffer and be helpless to give them any beneficial aid. I’m sure you’ve at least experienced that feeling when your children have been ill.
The remaining Principles of Preparedness can be an asset or a hindrance to our state of Medical Preparedness. We can take water for granted, or we can use it to combat diabetes, heart disease, and obesity now. We can use food to kill ourselves or to nourish every cell in our body. We can yell and scream at someone who has the audacity of calling out the canola oil industry, in spite of their medical expertise on such a topic (aka Dr. Whiting) or we can stop poisoning our body with free radicals and use alternative oils. Likewise, we can dismiss essential oils and call them “woo woo” as some elderly woman once did in a private e-mail to me (expressing her disgust with my even broaching the topic), or we can discover for ourselves if they may bring us more independence.
I wholeheartedly believe that we MUST take responsibility for our health and well-being. As I write this article, I’m staying out of town for a week in order to learn and benefit from another method of alternative care which has delivered results in just one day that I’ve been unable to receive after tens of thousands of dollars spent on traditional medicine over the last 12 years. In my opinion, I have a responsibility to be independent; to not be a financial or even emotional burden to others. As such, I feel it’s my responsibility to continually pursue options which will mitigate any such vulnerabilities.

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