Friday, April 13, 2012

Elder and Sister Ross

I just wanted to post the letters from Elder and Sister Ross and give you their address.  Please rember to pray for all of our Missionaries.
Hello Sisters,
 Hope all is going well in Monroe Ward.  I really miss all of you.  We are really being kept busy and tonight we received a ward list of over 500 with an active participation of about 150.  We really have our work cut out for us.

I sent the wrong apartment number to several of you because the apartment we were first given turned out to be a third floor walk-up and the missionaries who found it were promised an elevator, thus we ended in another one.  This is a two bedroom, newly refurbished with carpet and paint and on the first floor.  Yay!

Anyway, our new address is: 510 Stevens Ave. SW
                                           Apt. O-104
                                           Renton, WA 98057

 We hope we are in your prayers.  We truly need them.  We now have a greater appreciation of those who pray for missionaries.

With love to all,
Sister Ross

The days here are 12 hours long! We are LOVING every moment!!

Sunday night we had a double feature: The MTC Pres spoke to us for an hour and then we watch a video of Elder Bednar’s address here last Christmas Day.. It was live and for MTC only eyes! I can’t get a copy either!! Restricted, but it is without a doubt the BEST talk Sister Ross and I have EVER here… I will tell you only the topic: The Character of Christ!!

Last night, Tues, we had a devotional… Guess what… You guessed it, just for me, they sent Elder & Sister Oaks!! They spoke to a packed house and to ALL OTHER MTCs around the world!! But we were only a few feet away from the podium.. Yes, it was Great!

I get all choked up when I just ‘think’ and ‘see’ Heavenly Father’s hand in everything we do and say… It really scares me, and I’m in shock most of the time.. Hey, I’m a District Leader… I thought it was funny to have been called to serve there too.. It is no big deal though.

I have been trying to see how I can flunk this course and be held-over for a few more weeks.. ! J Nah, it is not going to happen!

One of the most exciting things we do is EAT… Three unbelievable meals a day… the good part is we get to sit with different ones at each meal and learn of their experiences.. Making deep friendships. And hearing many testimonies, it is so great…
Before I leave I want to share my testimony about what a GREAT blessing this is for US… it IS and Will be a Turning Point in our lives.. chills just run all over me all the time, and EVERYONE is so very very GREAT… The Holy Ghost is HERE and I doubt He ever leaves… This is as close to Heaven as I have ever been… there is NO place on earth like being Inside the MTC… It is truly a locked compound and very very safe, peaceful and Heavenly Father is watching very close to what is happening here.. Hey, Spiritually, it is like being inside the temple! Except there is a lot of action going on all the time… 2,000+ Elders & Sister running around…

I have many more stories, but will save them for later…

All our love and best for everyone there…

Elder & Sister Ross

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