Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Provident Pantry Food Storage Order

Ok, Sisters I forgot to add this but, Sister Grayson reminded me.  She has a special order from Provident Pantry.  They are running a special on Freeze-Dried Sweet Potato Dices $12.00 per can and also on Freeze-Dried Chopped Spinach $ 9.00 per can.  The order needs to be turned in by February 21.  A minimum order of 12 each needs to be ordered to receive this special price. (that is 12 collectively not everyone will need to order 12)  The shipping will be free.  Sister Grayson said the money could be paid before or after the food has arrived.  Please either let Sister Grayson have your order at mimigrayson@bellsouth.net , 345-2466 or you can e-mail me at chuckmon@bellsouth.net or mmock@mulhearncorp.com. or you can post a comment on this blog and I will get it to Sister Grayson

1 comment:

  1. In case there is any confusion, 12
    cans "minimum" means we need that amount COLLECTIVELY, not necessarily one person ordering 12 cans . Hope that helps!