Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Answer Questions about the Gospel

I don't know how many Sisters were able to attend the Relief Society Self Prepardness classes but, if you didn't get to go you sure missed out.  Sister Baggett and the Sister Missionaries helped us get a better idea on how to answer questions that we may be asked as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They explained that we need to use the 5 Step process to "Bear It, Bear It, Share It"  Our testimony that is. 
  1. Thank them for asking.  (It is always better for someone to ask a member than to ask a non-member)  Even if you don't know the answer to their inquiry, you can refer them the Missionaries or to another church member.
  2. Establish common ground.  Find out why they are asking, without being too nosey of course.  
  3. Briefly answer the question.  
  4. Offer hope through the restored gospel
  5. Invite them to meet with your friends, the Missionaries.  If possibly you might invite them to your home for a small meal or light refreshments for them to be able to meet the Missionaries and learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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