Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stake Relief Society Birthday

March 16th, Stake Relief Society Activity.
Sisters, Go ahead and get started on our assignment from Sister Climber: What is it?
1.Write a letter to "Dear Sister", in this letter describe how you have maybe handled doubt, hardships, trials, and how we all are of worth to our Father in Heaven. Sign your letter and you may put in an envelope. Sister Climber will collect these on Saturday when you arrive.
2. Make a poster about yourself. (buy one big one and fold in half~ save the other half incase you mess up)
YES you can Do this. Pictures, family, hobbies, talents, dreams, likes, dislikes, calling, etc... the sky is the limit. We want everyone in the Stake to get to know everyone.

We would like everyone to come to the activity even if you do not make the poster or write the letter.

Thank you Sister Smith

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