Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shop Till You Drop @ the West Monroe Convention Center

You’re Invited


Come and taste the delicious freeze dried foods by:


Consultant: Lisa Bostic

Lisa will be hosting a booth at the Shop Till you Drop located at the West Monroe Convention Center, Friday, May 18th from 3:00-7:00 and on Saturday May 19th from 9:00-6:00.  The admission is $3.00 per person and admission for children 10 and under is free.

Please drop by to see and taste the delicious foods that Shelf Reliance has to offer.  These freeze dried foods look and taste great!  Shelf Reliance wants you to look at food storage with a new outlook.  They have programs for you to build up your food storage but also to incorporate it in your everyday meal planning.  They offer a program “The Q” where you can designate a portion of your monthly food budget towards building your food storage and the food will automatically be sent to your door.  They have a very wide range of products.  They are not just limited to food storage.  They have water storage containers, shelving for food storage, and many other preparedness items.

Please visit our website at to preview our product line and create a custom Home Store plan.

If you are not able to drop by the Shop till you Drop, you will have an opportunity to find out more about THRIVE products at Monica’s home party.  (Date to be announced later.) Come to the party and get the lowest pricing available!

Be sure to bring a Friend!!

These products are great! Check out the website and learn about the ordering program.

Thrive foods are foods that are offered by Shelf Reliance. Shelf Reliance is a company that was developed to satisfy the need for healthy nutritious, canned food that is affordable, tasty, and can even be delivered to your home. The Thrive program can even help you prepare a meal plan, a budget for your food storage and send it a little at a time to your front door. The link to follow will give you more information about thrive food. They have a calculator to help you figure out how much food storage you will need for your family.

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